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Here at the New Jersey Restoration Pros have the experience & expertise that you need when looking for a restoration company. We have been in the business for over 20 years, which puts us leaps ahead of the competitors. We know what we are doing when it comes to your commercial or residential property.

Cleanup & Repairs for Fire, Water, Smoke, & Storm Damage

The Restoration Services that we provide are for Fire, Water, Smoke, & Storm Damage. We also provide special services upon request. Your belongings can be stored at our warehouse until the restoration process is over as well! We know how tough of a time this can be for you, which is why we put 150% into these repairs and restoration processes.

All of our technicians are waiting to be dispatched to your location. Our techs. are IICRC certified, meaning that they have gone through extensive schooling and training to make sure that they will only do the best work. When you call our line, they will be sent out to you at the earliest. We will then do a thorough walkthrough, to make sure that there is no damage that you might have missed when checking out your property.

Rapid Response Time in Union City, NJ!

We also help with insurance claims, because we know how tough some insurance companies can be. After we do a walkthrough, we make sure to meet with you and the insurance adjuster to make a plan, and estimate just how much these processes will cost. We offer direct billing also, to make sure that everything is convenient for you.

Living in areas prone to flooding or high amounts of rain, one should know what to do if their sewer backs up. The first thing to do is to call a plumber. If your house has an individual sewage system, you may have to contact someone to drain the sewage-holding tank in your yard. These individuals can come out to the house with a big tank truck. With a large hose attached to the tank on the truck, the sewage removal personnel will insert the other end of the pipe into the sewage tank. They turn on the suction mechanism and the tank begins to empty. All of this raw sewage is going into the mobile tank. When your tank is completely empty, the personnel will close the sewer lid and be on their way. This should stop any back up you have.

Sewage backup can be dangerous to humans because of the germs and disease that come from raw sewage. Make sure to disinfect and sanitize your home after a sewage backup. When sewers back up they typically sent rising water and waste into your tub, toilets, and sinks. Unless you catch this quickly, your house could be standing in one foot of raw sewage in no time. Be sure to take all of the necessary precautions to avoid injury if your house has standing water. Do not walk into any area with live electricity. Water and electricity do not mix and could cause severe injury or death. This means watch out for drop cords, electrical lines, electronics that are plugged into the energy source, and electric outlets. Never put a wet cord into an electric socket. You will receive the shock of your life.

Another thing to watch out for is natural gas leaks. This is possible if you have gas heating or gas stoves. Excessive water could put out the pilot light and cause gas to escape into the rooms. Never light a math or lighter in the same room unless you are looking for an explosion. Make sure to contact the gas company to check your lines before relighting after a water episode.

To stop excessive water from running into your house, turn off water outside and make sure to turn off water to toilets inside. Installing a backwater valve in your house will help water go out but not come in. Another good thing to remember is never let your yard grows up to excess. This will allow for standing water on the property. Bugs and bacteria can accumulate in the high grassy areas. Drain cleaners and plungers can help with every day backups due to too much waste. At times, tree roots will take over outside plumbing pipes so make sure to have a plumber check your lines each year.

Someone that is trained in handling waste materials should do cleanup. Make sure to contact your city district if your sewer backs up. Always keep a plumber’s phone number within reach. Call your city district if your sewage is causing damage to your home or other people’s homes. Make sure to file a claim with your homeowners insurance.

If you are looking for someone to do a special service to your home, look no further. Here at the New Jersey Restoration Pros we have experience doing these kinds of things. Whether you need mold remediation, a board up, or trauma cleanup, we will be there at the earliest to assist you in your time of need! The first step in this process is to call us. After you do, we will make our way out to your property immediately, and begin to set up a plan with you. We let you know exactly what we are going to do to your property, and make sure that you approve it first.

When a hurricane ravages your community and leaves your home in shambles, do you know who to call? You need not look any further, as the New Jersey Restoration Pros are your one-stop solution for any and all hurricane damages you may have sustained to your property. We have 20 years of experience in the industry, and employ high tech equipment, as well as certified technicians, to properly restore your home or business after hurricane damage. Whether your roof has blown off or a window has been shattered, we have got you covered. We provide board ups, temporary roof tarps, debris removal, fallen tree removal, water extraction, mold remediation, and more

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