One of the best things you can begin to do when preparing your property for a future hurricane is to get the best insurance for you. Depending on the storm, severe damage may be inevitable, but having the proper insurance will be a big relief financially if you keep the policy current. There is a possibility you may not need flood insurance if you live in an area of low risk. However, if you can afford it, you should get it long before a looming hurricane because water can cause severe damage to your property. Furthermore, check your homeowner’s policy to make sure it covers damages caused by wind and hail.

Now that you’ve planned for the worst, you can look into buying storm shutters. There are a variety to choose from to fit your needs. You can buy storm panels, accordion shutters, or roll-down shutters. Storm panels are removable, and they can go any width of the glass since their design allows them to overlap on top of each other. When a storm approaches, you can install them and later take them down. As for accordion shutters, these can be placed on larger areas like a sliding glass door. Since they slide on a track, they are not removable. Also, if there are areas of your house you have trouble reaching, such as a second-story window, you can install rolling shutters. These shutters are rolled down either manually or electrically, and they come in various sizes. These shutters help protect doors and windows from strong impact much better than plywood; therefore, investing in them is worth the protection of your home.

Furthermore, if you live in an area that often experiences hurricanes, buying a garage door that is designed to be hurricane-resistant is a good investment. Shutters are, too. However, there are cheaper ways to resist hurricane winds and damage. You can easily install a brace on the inside of the door for a potential hurricane and take it down later. It is first priority to keep wind out of the house so the roof does not blow off.

Securing the roof is another precautionary step in limiting damage. In some cases the roof may be secure enough. If not, you can install clips and straps that connect the roof to the wall. It is important to inspect your roof. Be sure to look for shingles that might need replacement so water does not leak through.

After the home is secure, you can inspect outside. Keeping bushes and trees trimmed makes the outside safer for your home. You can even hire an arborist to inspect trees for potential problems. Furthermore, if a hurricane is coming, clear an area in the house to bring in outside items that could easily fly away like garbage cans. Also, remember to park your car inside the garage before a hurricane hits. If you do not have a garage, you should park it to the side of your house in order to shelter it.

Updated: November 13, 2012 — 8:04 pm
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