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Fire, Smoke Soot Clean Up And Restoration

If you ever have the unfortunate experience of fire and smoke damage New Jersey Restoration Pros is here to help. We can provide full restoration services for fire and smoke damage. It is extremely important to have trained technicians who know how to properly treat fire and smoke damage because of smokes distinctive properties.

fire damage cleanupA fire loss can be very complex, because of smoke’s unique behavior. Smoke can easily flow through plumbing systems. Hot smoke moves to cooler areas and upper levels of structure. Smoke also comes in many different forms. Smoke and soot are very damaging to a structure and must be removed correctly. It will become more difficult to remove the longer it remains on the structure and contents.

Fire creates a complex chemical reaction, and common household materials such as toys, curtains, mattresses, toys release powerful toxic gases. After the fire is extinguished, these toxins are contained in the left over soot on the interior of your home. Just as different materials require different cleaning techniques, specific processes are more effective at removing soot left over from the fire. These processes are very important in getting your home repaired quickly and correctly.

We Provide Complete Fire Restoration Services

  • Emergency Response – Fire damage events need immediate attention before damage BoardUp Services ecomes more severe. Some of the initial actions we take involve water extractions, roof repairs, deodorizing the property, and air scrubbing.
  • Temporary Board-Ups – The longer your property is exposed to elements, the more difficult it is for our team to combat the fire damage. This is why another one of our immediate strategies is to board off, block off, or temporarily repair any area that we feel is directly exposed to outdoor elements.
  • Structural and Contents Cleaning – Fires often leave a residue of soot and ash. These residues can not only damage contents inside your home or business, but can also damage the structure of the building itself if they are not taken care of immediately.
  • Storage Space after a Fire – A fire can create a very difficult task of what to do with items that can no longer be stored in a home or business.  We provide a comprehensive storage package that can store business belongings until fire damage is repaired or if a new location for the business is found.
  • Deodorization – Often after a fire, there is the lingering smell of smoke in an office space. We have a team of experts that specialize in removing the smells that occur after fire damage.


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